Thursday 18 August 2016

The Unspoken - UK DVD review

Horror actress Jodelle Ferland has to contend with another Cabin in the Woods, in Sheldon Wilson’s (Shallow Ground, The Hollow) chiller UNSPOKEN, which hits UK Digital outlets this month ahead of its DVD release in September.

Angela (Jodelle Ferland – Cabin in the Woods) takes a childminding job for a single parent mother, who has just moved into a remote house outside of town. She is initially reluctant about accepting the job, partly because the young lad in question is a special needs case, but also because the house has a bit of a reputation amongst the locals, after the previous occupants mysteriously vanished and were believed murdered several years ago.

However, as her father is currently out of work and this job is offering good money, she reluctantly accepts. But it isn’t too long before we realise the stories about the place being haunted might be true, as objects mysteriously rearrange themselves, the handyman hired to help fix up the place vanishes without trace and the housemaid flees the place in abject terror after being spooked by something in the kitchen.

But, it also seems some of the local rednecks have some contraband stashed in the basement of the old property and desperately want it back. So the babysitter and young family may have more to worry about than just paranormal activity…

As with all haunted house/paranormal type films, there are the usual parallels you can draw with other films of this ilk, and I couldn’t help but notice similarities between this and Poltergeist, Amityville, The Pact and (possibly) even The Omen

Be that as it may though, I also found the film to be terrific fun. Particularly during the somewhat bloody climax, where some of the good old boys decide to get their stuff out of the basement by force, only to find they have more than a babysitter and young boy to contend with.

The film also benefits from a strong supporting cast, which includes Lochlyn Monroe (Freddy vs Jason) as Angela’s father and Neal McDonough (Captain America, TVs Arrow) as the Sheriff.

If you like ghostly chillers, you should love this. The film is released in the UK Digitally on 22nd August and will available on UK DVD 5th September from Arrow Films. The disc I was sent was a vanilla disc, without extras on, aside from some bonus trailers for other Arrow titles.

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