Friday 2 August 2013

Death Walks - Teaser Poster

Death Walks is keeping everyone on it's toes, this new zero budget zombie horror tale with a twist has been the topic on many an industry insiders minds since it was first announced several weeks ago.
It is currently, according to IMDB, the highest ranking British horror movie in production, and it's cast and crew, all of whom have given their time for nothing, are starting to see the benefits of their hard work.
This week they have released both a teaser trailer and now poster art, created by Mchelle Horne a production supervisor on the project.
Horne was given the brief "imagine you are being torn to shreds on an escalator, what do you think you would see?" By the movies director Spencer Hawken.
Death Walks is currently halfway through filming, it's makers hopes that they will be releasing it onto the festival circuit from December.
Visit the official Facebook Page.

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