Tuesday 20 August 2013

Death Walks director gets funding for new projects!!!!

OK, you remember the other month I took part in the filming of the zombie movie "Death Walks", which is a zero budget production by first time director Spencer Hawken? Well despite the fact the film is still in production and hasn't even been finished yet, Spencer has already managed to secure 150Ks worth of funding for 2 more feature films, which will be developed over the next couple of years.
From the official press release...
Death Walks has been the talk of the horror world for the last two months, bringing it's creator Spencer Hawken to the attention of investors, having created a genuine zero budget movie.

Hawken vowed that Death Walks would be a true zero budget movie, with any contributions simply being donated in the form of expertise or product, no money would pass hands, and no money would be spent in it's creation. Among the many feats achieved as part of the arrangement was a stunning location, Romford's Mercury Mall, food from Subway, security from AEJ, and insurance care of Blufin. Hawken also managed to secure a quality cast, and crew that included cinematographers Marcus Uthup and Frazer Loveman, special effects guru's Cat Forsyth, Justin Becker and Leeane Hicks; as well as actors Lucinda Rhodes, Joanna Finata and Scott Mullins.

Now Hawken has achieved a double whammy, from the strength of Death Walks very unusual script, the script of No Reasons and the pitch of Road Rage he has managed to achieve funding to the tune of £150,000 from a consortium of investors both within and out of the film industry, keen to harness his raw talent.

Hawken said "No Reason's is likely to go into pre-production as early as November, and is the story of a missing girl and a terrible secret, while Road Rage will begin shooting Summer 2014 and will focus on a girl with a split personality and a penchant for killing, and the corrupt police who try to bring her to justice. Both movies have a fairly horrific sting in the tale, but will be very different to Death Walks."

Hawken was keen to point out that the investment was just the start, and that in order to achieve the intended vision, more money will need to be raised by a Kickstarter, although Hawken believes the films could be achieved on the budget's given, he want's no compromise to curb his very twisted vision.

Death Walks is currently near completion with a trailer due in time for Halloween, and the film to climb on the global festival circuit during 2014.

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