Thursday 5 July 2012

The Meat Puppet - in production!

Producer Keith Collins recently got in touch to tell us about his new film "Meat Puppet", which is currently filming in New Jersey

From the press release...

A vain, successful playboy tortures and kills beautiful girls and uses them to make the perfect meal for his lavish dinner parties. Body parts, blood, torture, cannibalism and NO escape are a few ways to describe this clever new terrifying and psychologically damaging creep show.

The Meat Puppet tells the story of Andrew "Drew" Shelton who has it all, looks, money, women and an insatiable taste for human flesh.

His vanity is only surpassed by his obsession with finding the perfect tasting meal and it has fueled his appetite for killing, preparing and cooking beautiful women. He throws lavish dinner parties and serves his guests his latest victim and one unlucky guest becomes the main course of his next get together.

But when a no-nonsense detective starts putting the pieces together, it leads to a game of cat and mouse that only increases the stakes. But is Drew the soul-less, cold-blooded killer that he appears to be? Or is he just the Meat Puppet for a more sadistic mind?

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