Friday 6 July 2012

FrightFest 2012 programme

The Film Four FrightFest returns to the Empire Cinema Leicester Square in London this August Bank Holiday and have just unveiled what is arguably their most ambitious line-up in history.

From the sensational SINISTER starring Ethan Hawke, the Sam Raimi produced THE POSSESSION and Jennifer Chambers Lynch’s jaw-dropping CHAINED, to the MANIAC remake, the surgical underground of AMERICAN MARY and the V/H/S anthology everyone is talking about.

The opening film will be Paul Hyett’s stunning shocker THE SEASONING HOUSE. However, there are many, many more films being shown over this unique 5-day event.

The Festival runs from 23rd - 27th August

For more info, and the full line up, visit the FrightFest website at

*EDIT* Clive Barker's approved directors cut of "Nightbreed" is apparently going to be shown here on the 24th.

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