Wednesday 2 November 2011

May I Kill U - New Images

Latest production stills from the set of Stuart Urban's new Horror-Comedy "May I Kill U".

Kevin Bishop as Baz, a cycling vigilante cop who has his own way of dealing with London’s ‘scum’

 Hayley-Marie Axe plays Val, a 'kick-ass' cycling cop with a crush on Baz.

A series of back street murders start appearing on the internet

The film is set against the backdrop of the recent London riots – which were re-created in the suburbs of Wimbledon.

Synopsis: Set against the backdrop of the recent riots in London, Kevin Bishop plays a policeman with his own ‘riotous’ thoughts. With a helmet cam for company, he pedals forth in search of fame and retribution - with hilarious and devastating consequences.

The film also stars Hayley-Marie Axe, Frances Barber, Jack Doolan and Rosemary Leach.  It is produced by Stuart Urban & Alan Jay and co-produced by Rosa Russo. Director of photography is Fernando Ruiz.

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