Wednesday 2 November 2011

Humpty Dumpty

IDW Publishing and Revenger Comics have announced the launch of BILLY MAJESTIC’S HUMPTY DUMPTY, a horrifyingly new take on an old familiar character.

In BILLY MAJESTIC’S HUMPTY DUMPTY, two backwoods brothers, Petus and Pervis Brakk, ambush a group of extraterrestrial beings who have crash-landed on their swampland property. The brothers capture the alien female and secretly keep her prisoner.

After month of captivity, the now-pregnant alien escapes into the swampland, where she gives birth to a monstrous half-human, half-alien creature, who exacts revenge on the sadistic Brakk brothers.

This original story was created and written by Billy Majestic and developed by Revenger Comics ( Joining Majestic on this terrifying tale are artists Jordan Jordanov and Ven Dinkov.

In addition to the frightful new graphic novel, Humpty Dumpty is also currently in pre-production as a major motion picture. 

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