Wednesday 21 September 2011


Studio Canal to release HENRY PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER on Double Play Blu-ray here in the UK on October 24th

Directed and co-written by John McNaughton, the film is loosely based on the story of confessed murderer Henry Lee Lucas. The film follows Henry (MICHAEL ROOKER) as he selects innocent victims - occasionally with his roommate Otis (TOM TOWLES) - and kills them, capturing their murder on videotape.

Many of these murders rank among the most brutal and violent ever portrayed on film.

New extras! Commentary with Director John McNaughton / Interview with Director John McNaughton / John McNaughton in conversation with Nigel Floyd / Censorship History (The Opening Sequence, Otis and the Broken TV, The Home Invasion Scene) / Portrait: The Making of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer / The Serial Killers: Henry Lee Lucas / Deleted Scenes and Outtakes with commentary by John McNaughton / Original Storyboards / Trailer

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