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Grimm Up North is back this October, bigger, better, bloodier, more brutal than ever.

Manchester’s Festival of Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction and Strangeness celebrates its third year with an unholy four-day carnival of the darker, edgier, more extreme aspects of cinema. There will be special guests and seminars, cast and crew Q&As, exhibitions of art and props, cutting edge computer gaming, and of course a pulse-pounding programme of films.

The festival will run from October 6th to 9th 2011. The Festival will be building on its reputation for bringing national and international premieres of confrontational and challenging films to the North West; and with new venue partner AMC Cinemas offering high performance digital screens and Dolby 5.1, this is going to be the most shocking, spectacular - and sumptuously presented - Grimm Up North yet.
The full festival line up is now online at , but here’s what you can expect to see:

Kicking the festival off in suitably shocking style, on Thursday October 6th, the Opening Gala Premiere will be the gripping, gruelling, paranoid thriller RETREAT, starring Thandie Newton, Cillian Murphy and Jamie Bell.

On Friday October 7th, British music and screen icon Martin Kemp will be attending, along with cast and crew for a special screening of his directorial debut, STALKER. Sure to be a controversial festival talking point, the film reworks - and totally re-imagines - infamous mid-seventies sex-and-slash shocker, and banned “video nasty”, THE HOUSE ON STRAW HILL into a tense psychological thriller about memory, identity and the creative imagination, and features cult horror icon (and star of the original film) Linda Hayden in a supporting role. Commenting on the film, Producer Jonathan Sothcott said: "Stalker is the slickest, best-directed film we've made to date and a genuinely well-made, creepy horror film in its own right. We feel it is strong enough to stand a theatrical release in selected UK cinemas and we're looking forward to unleashing it on the world."

Also on Friday - the regional premieres of visceral Spanish home invasion thriller KIDNAPPED and claustrophobic German horror URBAN EXPLORER, a rare chance to catch David Cronenberg’s classic film version of Stephen King’s THE DEAD ZONE on the big screen, and the world premiere of full-on Faustian revenge fantasy ADAM CHAPLIN, a new benchmark in demented mayhem and a guaranteed Grindhouse cult hit of tomorrow....

Saturday 8th October, sees the premiere of THE REVEREND, a British Vampire-vigilante Horror with an all-cult-star cast headed by Rutger Hauer and Pinhead himself, Doug Bradley. Director Neil Jones, as well as cast and crew TBC will be attending, for what promises to be another lively Q&A. Saturday also sees the regional premiere of Lucky McGee’s THE WOMAN, which has been generating huge controversy since its screening at Sundance. There will be a brace of pitch black comedies in slacker zombie road movie DEADHEADS, from Sam Raimi associates the Pierce Brothers, and the John-Landis-produced charmer SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE, featuring THE OFFICE star Lucy Davis and another cast of cult favourites. There’s a slice of extreme Asian cinema in the harrowing REVENGE: A LOVE STORY, cerebral Mexican Science Fiction, in the acclaimed BY DAY BY NIGHT and a chance to explore the “lost” Halloween film, HALLOWEEN 3: SEASON OF THE WITCH with our resident expert, Stef Hutchinson.

Sunday 9th,  has the regional premiere of THE WICKER TREE, Robin Hardy’s long-awaited sequel to legendary cult classic THE WICKER MAN. There’s more cinematic controversy in nihilistic post-apocalyptic shocker THE DIVIDE, the UK premiere of a startling film version of Weird Tales maestro HP Lovecraft’s lunatic epic THE WHISPERER IN DARKNESS, African Zombies on the rampage in THE DEAD, and a surreal new spin on the classic portmanteau horror film, THE THEATRE BIZARRE.

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