Thursday 15 June 2017

The Autopsy of Jane Doe - UK DVD review

CSI meets The Conjuring in director Andre Ovredal’s “The Autopsy of Jane Doe” which comes to UK digital outlets and on BD and DVD this month from Lionsgate.

Set in a small town in Virginia, the Sheriff drops off the body of an unknown girl at the funeral home of Tommy Tilden (Brian Cox – Manhunter, Red, Trick r Treat), who also happens to be the town’s coroner.

Found at the scene of a mass murder, with no obvious sign of death, they ask if he can work late and try to identify her and find out what killed her. But as the examination gets underway Tommy and his son Austin (Emile Hirsch – Killer Joe, Alpha Dog) find this is no ordinary case.

The body seems perfectly preserved, but appears to have been dead for some time. Also, whilst the outside of the body has no visible marks, the inside appears the have been carved up and burned.

But these anomalous findings turn out to be the least of their worries. As the autopsy continues, strange things start happening at the morgue. The lights go out, bodies go missing from the cooler, strange figures are glimpsed in the next room, only to find no one there upon closer inspection and they find themselves trapped in examination room with something attacking them in the dark. Is there something evil at work, or is it in there imaginations?

A decidedly chilling horror tale, featuring a good cast, which is part cop drama, part supernatural thriller. If you liked The Conjuring, Insidious or Ouija, you should love this.

I was sent the DVD to review which, extras wise, included a 5min interview with director Andre Ovredal, conducted by Journalist Alan Jones, recorded at the 2016 Frightfest. Which is the same that can be found on the BD release.

"The Autopsy of Jane Doe" is released to UK Disc and Digital outlets June 26th from Lionsgate.

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