Sunday 12 March 2017

Helga : She Wolf of Stilberg - UK DVD review

Scantily dressed female prisoners are subjected to all sorts of unpleasantries at the hands of “Helga : She Wolf of Stilberg”, which is released to UK DVD this month from new label Maison Rouge.

Opening up with some rather inappropriate jolly sounding Hammond organ muzak, which wouldn’t sound out of place at a Spanish holiday resort, this low(er?) budget knock off of “Ilsa : She Wolf of the SS” stars Malisa Longo as the titular Helga, who runs a female prison for political prisoners in (presumably) some fictional latin American country (which looks rather like rural Spain to me).

Needless to say, the girls are made to suffer all sorts of bad things at the hands of Helga and the guards, including hours of hard labour, repeated sexual assaults, countless gropings by all and sundry, as well as being repeatedly tied up naked and whipped.

There’s also some subplot about a rebel group, looking to topple the Government, which may spell trouble for Helga and her guards when the daughter of it’s leader is brought into her prison. But really, the film is little more than a sleazy exercise in showcasing plenty of female flesh (which it does in abundance, as the women spend large amounts of time lounging around naked, including Helga herself).

Extras on the disc are limited to a selection of alternate scenes, in which the prisoners get to keep their clothes on, and a selection of trailers for this and other Maison Rouge titles, including “Elsa : Fraulein SS” and “Female Vampire”.

It should be noted that both English and French language tracks are provided for the film, however the default setting appears to be the French track, so you’ll need to manually select “English” from the set-up menu prior to viewing, which is rather annoying. Image wise, the print looks remarkably clean and is a million times better than those dodgy VHS rips that have been floating around YouTube for some time

As with all low budget sleazefests of this ilk, whether you will like this will depend on your love of the genre.  Personally, I’ve never been a fan of these sorts of films and never know what’s worse, the acting or dodgy dubbing, in which the characters all sound decidedly English (and I mean “English”), which is odd given its supposedly set in some third world Latin American country.

Anyway, the film is out on UK DVD from Maison Rouge March 13, if sleazy Women in Prison films are your thing you’ll probably love it Sharper eyed viewers will probably recognise lead actress Malisa Longo who also starred in “Elsa : Fraulein SS”, which is being released next month.

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