Wednesday 8 March 2017

CAGE - on Amazon Prime, April 3

Cage follows Gracie Blake (Lucy-Jane Quinlan - The Cutting Room), a Seattle based chat lines worker who, following the decision to meet a new client, finds herself waking up in a cage, in a warehouse, somewhere in America. 

At first Gracie struggles to understand her situation, yet soon realises she needs to quickly escape, as the audience are drawn ever deeper into her plight and this terrifying, claustrophobic, modern kidnap drama.

Shot in the UK last year the movie features just one actor on screen – Lucy-Jane Quinlan and also features the voice of Patrick Bergin (Sleeping with The Enemy) 

Written and directed by Warren Dudley who said of casting his second feature, ‘when the opportunity to work with Patrick came about I recalled his character from Sleeping with the Enemy and wondered... what if he was still alive in 2001 when our film is set?” Bergin added, ‘The director and I debated where we wanted the character of Peter to go and Martin Burney was discussed. I think what Warren has created is a quiet masterpiece’.

Cage is Warren Dudley’s second feature and follows 2015’s ‘found footage’ horror The Cutting Room. Warren is also the writer on The Bromley Boys – a football memoir set in the 1970’s starring Alan Davies and Martine McCutcheon which is set for a UK cinema release in September 2017. 

Cage is available on Amazon Prime from 3rd April 

 For more info visit the official Website and Facebook pages.

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