Wednesday 3 December 2014

New releases from "Graveyard Calling"

Horror themed record label "Graveyard Calling" are releasing 2 new albums this month.

The first of these is the album Rest in Pieces by The Panic Beats. Described as "What the Ramones would sound like, if they wrote a horror album". This 12 track release is available as both a digital download and on a limited edition dried-blood red audio cassette, which features artwork from Rick Melton, who does the cover artwork for Arrow films.
The second release is the album Night on the Dark Hill from 80s style synthwave group VHS Glitch. This is a 6-track release, available as a digital download and on a limited edition zombie-green coloured audio cassette, which is will make you swear you heard it on the soundtrack to an obscure, 80s-horror-film!
Both releases are available from their website at...
For other releases, head over to

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