Monday 30 January 2012

Robert Englund's INKUBUS comes to UK DVD this Feb.

The nice chappies over at Trinity X were kind enough to supply me with a screener copy of the new horror film "Inkubus" to take a look at. Marking the directorial debut of Glenn Ciano, the film stars robert Englund as a serial killer, who just strolls into a police station one night with a severed head in his hands, and proclaims he is the killer known as "Inkubus" that they've been looking for all these years.

But he's no ordinary serial killer, and he's not there to give himelf up, he's there to raise some hell. Also starring William Forsythe (Devil's Rejects - Rob Zombies Halloween) and written by Carl Dupre (who worked on some of the later Hellraiser films) this low budget horror might not be to everyone's taste, which is a kind of cross between "Assault on Precinct 13" and "Candyman", but Robert Englund fans should enjoy it.

The DVD is released to UK video shelves Feb 13 with a trailer as an extra.

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