Tuesday 9 January 2024

Bayview Entertainment release THE EXORCISM TAPES

BayView Entertainment have released the horror film THE EXORCISM TAPES, which is now available to rent/buy on Amazon Prime Video in the UK and USA.

THE EXORCISM TAPES will also be available to view on AVOD worldwide from 27th February 2024.
“Raw, uncut, and unnerving, this film feels like the real deal and not some tired Hollywood rehash.” – Videoscream Film Festival. Voted “Most Original Concept” at the 2021 Videoscream Film Festival.
On Feb 24th, 2021, a video known only as ‘The Exorcism Tapes’ was uploaded to social media by an anonymous user.

In less than 72 hours, the video received more than 8 million views and drew instant criticism and complaints claiming that what it actually showed was the abuse and torture of a mentally ill man by members of his church.

The truth remains elusive.
THE EXORCISM TAPES was Written and Directed by Jason Hawkins and stars Jason Hawkins, David Mitchum Brown and Jason Reynolds.

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