Saturday 16 September 2023

FLOOD (2023) - A Review

A group of convicts and Sheriff's deputies, trapped inside their station as they wait out a torrential storm, find they've got bigger problems to worry about than bad weather in FLOOD, which is out now Disc and Digital.

A prison bus full of dangerous criminals are forced to divert, when their route is cut off  by bad weather, due to a hurricane battering the state of Louisiana. Taking refuge at a Sheriff's station, the officer in charge, Sheriff Newman (Nicky Whelan -  Hall Pass, Halloween 2) is less than happy about having to babysit a group of convicts, with all the other problems she's got due to the storm.

Soonafter though, the officers on duty find themselves under siege as a group of mercenaries storm the building, looking to break out one of the convicts, Cody (Casper Van Dien – Starship Troopers, Anaconda).

But, as the flood waters start to rise and the lower floors begin to flood, the cops, criminals and mercenaries discover they have a mutual problem. As a number of very large and very hungry alligators enter the building and proceed to start devouring everybody they comes across and the 3 groups realise they are going to have to put aside their differences and band together, if they wish to escape the flood waters and avoid getting eaten.

Borrowing elements from Assault on Precinct 13, and the 2019 film Crawl, I was looking forward to some nice gory deaths and thrilling action scenes. Unfortunately though, whilst the film did boast a few fun kills, and gun fights, I was left feeling somewhat underwhelmed by the cheap CGI gators and extremely unlikely scenarios that the cast kept finding themselves in.

Worth a watch if you enjoy low budget action films, but sadly falls somewhat short of the mark in terms of horror.

FLOOD is available now on DVD and to stream from selected Digital outlets.

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