Sunday 13 March 2022

THE BABADOOK Standard Edition BD and 4K + LAKE MUNGO on Standard Edition BD - March

Following the release of THE BABADOOK and LAKE MUNGO in acclaimed Limited Edition versions, Second Sight Films now brings these two bona fide horror classics to Standard Edition Blu-ray. The Babadook will also be available as a Standard Edition 4K UHD. All versions will be released on 28 March 2022.


Jennifer Kent’s acclaimed, unsettling chiller THE BABADOOK stars Essie Davis (Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries), as a grief-stricken mother who is desperately trying to bring up her troubled son the best she can, will a new book be the answer to his sleep woes, or is it the beginning of an unimaginable nightmare?

Following the violent death of her husband on the day their son Samuel (Noah Wiseman) was born, Amelia struggles with his erratic behaviour, and is still battling with the never-ending grief. Refusing to celebrate Samuel’s birthday as it’s inextricably linked to such a traumatic time, life is a struggle and the one person who’s always been there for her, her sister’s (Hayley McElhinney) patience is wearing thin.

As Samuel’s seventh birthday approaches his fears get worse, he’s convinced a monster is coming to get them, and he won’t settle, no matter how many bedtime stories he’s told. When an intriguing storybook appears on the bookshelf,  Samuel becomes convinced that the Babadook is the monstrous creature he’s always feared and as Amelia senses the ominous presence herself, she slowly begins to unravel.

- Audio Commentary by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas and Josh Nelson
- This Is My House!: an interview with Essie Davis
- The Sister: interview with Hayley McElhinney
- Don't Let It In: an interview with Kristina Ceyton
- Conjuring Nightmares: an interview with Kristian Moliere
- Shaping Darkness: an interview with Simon Njoo
- If It's in a Name or in a Look: interview with Alex Holmes
- The Bookmaker: an interview with Alexander Juhasz
- Ba-Ba-Ba...Dook!: an interview with Jed Kurzel
- Monster: short film
- They Call Him Mister Babadook: The Making Of
- There's No Place Like Home: Creating the House
- Special Effects: Stabbing Scene
- The Stunts
- Illustrating Evil: Creating the Book        

For 4K only:
-4K mastered by the original post production facility and presented in HDR10

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Seminal Australian horror LAKE MUNGO from director Joel Anderson was originally released in 2008, and the documentary-style chiller has made far reaching ripples, thrilling horror fans and inspiring budding filmmakers across the globe and establishing itself as a cult classic.

When 16-year-old Alice Palmer tragically drowns while swimming in the local dam, her grieving family start to experience a series of strange, inexplicable events and become increasingly unsettled. 

Seeking out the help of a parapsychologist, they learn that  Alice had been living through extremely troubling, disturbing times and hiding deep, dark secrets. Now they are desperate to know what haunted their daughter and what is happening to them.

Does Lake Mungo hold the terrifying truth?

- Archive audio commentary by Producer David Rapsey and DoP John Brawley
- New audio commentary by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas and Emma Westwood
- Captured Spirits: an interview with DoP John Brawley
- Ghost in the Machine: an interview with Producer David Rapsey
- A Cop and a Friend: an interview with Actors Carole Patullo & James Lawson
- Kindred Spirits: Filmmakers Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead on Lake Mungo
- Hosting Spirits: Filmmaker Rob Savage on Lake Mungo
- Simulacra and Spirits: a video essay by film writer Josh Nelson
- Autopsy of a Family Home: a video essay by filmmaker Joseph Wallace
- Deleted scenes

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