Sunday 13 February 2022


VIPCO have another exciting release out now on DVD, AMERICAN CANNIBALS. Directed by C.D. Ruiz3 and John Rainwaters, American Cannibals stars Donald Martin, Michael Vincent Miceli and Masha Pichugina. 
Synopsis:An amateur documentary crew trying to make a name for themselves, sets out to do an expose on modern day “real” vampires. 
This is a Limited edition, first run of 50 units for AMERICAN CANNIBALS, which also ships with a free A3 poster. The DVD features an introduction from the filmmakers plus a trailer. 
Order a copy of American Cannibals from VIPCO at the website:
VIPCO’s new company directors, Terence Elliott, Peter Goddard and David Rogers are no strangers to the realms of the macabre and will continue to ramp up the shock-factor to bring new gore-filled entertainment to horror fans around the globe. 
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