Monday 31 August 2020

Mario Covone's feature film debut goes into OVERTIME

Mario Covone, writer of 2014’s critically acclaimed Reaper Comics horror series, VIDEO NASTY was set to release his feature film directorial debut "OVERTIME" earlier this year. Due to Covid 19, the project has been dormant, but Covone is adamant that he will release the movie before Christmas and has announced a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the DVD and Blu Ray discs.

"We’ve all had a rough time of it this year, but at least we’re alive… and so is "OVERTIME". We may not be able to showcase the movie on the horror festival scene as we all wanted to, but with a successful Kickstarter, people can have the DVD to watch before Christmas." – Mario Covone, Director.

The Kickstarter will launch Monday September 28th, 2020. The campaign will fund the final production of the DVD and Blu Ray’s, including special bonus features. Rewards include copies of the movie, soundtrack, movie posters painted by the legendary Graham Humphreys, and associate producer credits.

Tier rewards will offered, where the director will Zoom or Skype the backer personally and can chat about movies or comics, or I can answer your burning questions on how to create your own." – Mario Covone.

About the film - A teacher works late into the night at school, marking papers, seemingly alone. But a presence is watching him from the shadows. Stalked through the winding corridors and trapped within, a sinister secret holds the key to his survival.

No stranger to political subtext within his work, Covone’s debut movie, which he has also penned, explores the real-world issues of violence in schools, and the dangers of media scaremongering, whilst maintaining a traditional horror backdrop with twists and turns aplenty.

The creative team – The cast and creative team are all newcomers to the industry, and Covone is using this platform to expose new and raw talent to the world of horror cinema. 
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