Monday 1 July 2019


Fans of the long running Puppet Master series rejoice, as PUPPET MASTER : THE LITTLEST REICH is out this month on UK Disc and Digital.

Not actually a sequel to the previous films, but a re-imaging of the popular series, this revolves around a rather bizarre convention, to mark the 30th anniversary of the death of serial killer Andre Toulon (yes he's a killer in this version).

Known as the "Puppet Master", as Toulon made a living selling grotesque puppets to collectors. People have travelled from far and wide to buy and sell Toulon puppets at the con, only for problems arise when several of guests discover their puppets have been "stolen". But then when the police show up, convention goers start dieing in exceptionally grotesque ways from unseen assailants.

Yes, the puppets have come to life and are out for blood, in a series of extremely politically incorrect murders. As they target Jewish folk, Blacks and anyone that sounds like they might be a Gypsy. Ramping up the bad taste humour up to 11, I had the pleasure of seeing this at the Mayhem Film festival in Notts last year and it had the audience in hysterics (particularly the scene with the Baby Hitler puppet).

If you liked the other Puppet Master films (or even if you didn't) you should love this and it was good to see horror veterans Udo Kier (Iron Sky) in a brief role as the murderous Toulon, and Barbara Crampton (who was also in the original Puppet Master) as a security guard along with prolific actor Michael Pare (Bone Tomahawk, TVs Starhunter) who turns up as a detective.

The Disc versions comes with the following special features...

Behind the scenes feature
Making of feature
Theatrical trailer
Lightning girl comic book artwork
Puppets from concept to screen feature.

The film is out July 8th on UK BD, and Digital from 

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