Monday 20 August 2018

Two Spooky Paranormal Tales from Wales – Michael Christopher Carter

Wales's master of the paranormal and best-selling author, Michael Christopher Carter has a couple of spooky tales out now in paperback. The Beast of Benfro and Destructive Interference: The Devastation of Matthew Morrisey.

The Beast of Benfro 

When struggling dad, David Webb, survives a vicious attack from an unknown creature in the woods, his fears swiftly turn to his flirty neighbour whom he believes might not have been so fortunate.

Calling the police only serves to place him firmly at the top of their list of suspects when she fails to turn up safe and well. Left to rot in jail, his only hope is his delinquent younger brother.

But as they get closer to uncovering the truth about the beast in the forest, they unleash a danger far darker: a menace which threatens everyone they hold dear.
Can anything save them from the Beast of Benfro?

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Destructive Interference: The Devastation of Matthew Morrisey.

When Matthew Morrissey takes an innocent stroll to his local convenience store to buy batteries for his daughter’s Christmas present, he doesn’t know it will change his life forever.  

But, when he returns home, everything has changes.   There are strangers in his home, his neighbours deny ever knowing him and he ends up attracting the attention of Bristol’s finest.

Matthew has a theory about what is happening to him and who is to blame.  But first, he has to escape.Can he solve the mystery and save his family, or has he lost them forever?

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