Monday 25 September 2017

The Wicked Gift - New trailer and poster released.

The film makers behind forthcoming Italian horror "The Wicked Gift", written and directed by the young award-winning independent actor/director Roberto D’Antona, have released the films official trailer and poster. Check them out below...

Ethan is a young designer, a shy and quiet man who has suffered from insomnia for many years due to having terrible nightmares. 

Unable to resolve his problems, even with the help of the therapy, Ethan convinces himself he must have some sort of personality disorder. But thanks to his best friend and a psychic Medium, he ends up facing a long journey that will lead him to the conciousness that his nightmares conceal. 

Something darker and far more sinister than he could ever imagine...

"The Wicked Gift" is being released to selected Italian cinemas December 6th, look out for it on DVD and Blu-Ray shortly afterwards.

For more info visit the film's official Website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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