Tuesday 12 September 2017

“Night Stalkers: Paranormal Investigators” Now Playing on Amazon Prime

The Paranormal Documentary ‘Night Stalkers: Paranormal Investigators’ by Wayne Poe (Hotel Camarillo) is now available on Amazon Prime (USA/UK/Germany). 
The feature-length horror doc is also available for digital rental on Amazon Instant Video for only $1.99. 

The synopsis reads: “Ghost hunters in Southern California document the paranormal activity inside allegedly haunted locations including the Linda Vista Hospital, the Zalud House, the Anaheim White House, and the Suicide Bridge.”

The 59-minute investigation into the supernatural follows a group of California men and women dedicated to hunt and document the paranormal activity around them. 

‘Night Stalkers’ can be streamed now on Amazon Prime.

View the trailer on YouTube

View on Amazon.co.uk

View on Amazon.com 

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