Wednesday 27 January 2016

"The Lesson" - screening at Glasgow Film Festival this Feb

The Lesson is a dark, painful and savagely funny psychological thriller unlike any you’ve seen before and will be screening as part of the Glasgow Film Festival in February.

Fin and Joel are two teenage wasters running wild in an arid rural landscape. But their bad education is about to take a turn for the intellectual best as someone at the end of their tether has decided to teach both schoolboys a lesson they will never forget. A dark, claustrophobic and bloody coming of age love story with a shock final destination, this morally challenging chiller will shake your well-ordered world.

Starring Robert Hands (Stonehearst Asylum, Charlotte Gray), Dolya Gavanski (The Trip, In the Land of Blood and Honey), Evan Bendall, Michaela Prchalova.

For more info on this and other films at the festival, visit the Glasgow Film Festival Website.

The Lesson will be released on Digital Download from FrightFest Presents on 29th February.

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