Sunday 3 January 2016

Gabriel Campisi's "Little Dead Rotting Hood" comes to US DVD

Gabriel Campisi is one of Hollywood’s most in-demand screenwriters, producers and filmmakers. January sees the release of his new film LITTLE DEAD ROTTING HOOD, which is garnering terrific buzz online.

Written by the former Fangoria contributor, LITTLE DEAD ROTTING HOOD is a sinister take on the classic Brothers Grimm fairytale. Something sinister is lurking in the woods, and the residents of the small town nearby are falling victim to its bloodlust. When the town sheriff (Balfour) discovers that the wolves inhabiting the nearby forest are getting more aggressive and even deadly, he soon uncovers a danger beyond his imagination. For years, the old woman in the woods has secretly kept the wolves of the forest at bay. 

But when the woman dies, the creatures suddenly attack the residents of a nearby small town. As more and more people turn up dead, the townsfolk discover something far more sinister than wolves lurking in the backwoods, and fight to save their home from evil by waging a bloody battle against the ruthless creatures. But as the wolves begin to overpower the town, only the woman’s granddaughter may have the key to stopping the bloodbath before it’s too late.

Campisi’s other credits as a writer and producer include ALIEN AGENDA : ENDANGERED SPECIES, BUDDY HUTCHINS, JAILBAIT, and THE LAW . He also worked with Sylvester Stallone on ROCKY IV and OVER THE TOP

His upcoming credits include the action film THE HORDE, WISHING FOR A DREAM (released late January), THE VALLEY DROWNER and SCHOOL’S OUT.

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