Thursday 8 June 2023


Yet another retelling of the HG Wells classic story about aliens from Mars, invading Earth in giant tripod war machines. This time, taking place in present day England, where group of Astronomy students are trying to check out a meteorite that's crashed down in some woods near to Woking, in Surrey. 

Trying to sneak around the police cordon to get a closer look, the group are extremely surprised as a door in the "meteor" suddenly opens up, and a massive tripod war machine emerges from within, which proceeds to start decimating everything in it's path with a giant heat ray.

Attempting to flee, they hook up with a soldier who is trying to get back to his headquarters, after his battalion was wiped out by one of the Tripods, and they spend most of the film trying to dodge the Martians whilst getting to safety, as the military try in vain to halt the Tripods advance.

Being a fan of the musical adaptation by Jeff Wayne, I've found most of the various film and TV adaptations over the years to be fairly disappointing, but I was actually pleasantly surprised with this, and rather enjoyed it.

Perhaps it's because I had low expectations, given the film's obvious low budget, but was able to look past the plot holes and ropey CGI effects and actually found it quite entertaining.

Although it's no action-fest, and a lot of the main fight scenes happen off camera, it still boasted some good fight scenes between the military and the aliens, even though the effects were not up to "Hollywood" standards.

Worth a watch if you enjoy sci-fi films, it was certainly better than that awful Tom Cruise borefest from 2005 in any case!

The film is currently available on DVD and to stream on Amazon prime. 

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Here's the trailer, to get a feel of what to expect... 

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