Thursday 1 December 2022

Indie German Horror Movie ERBSUNDE nears completion!

ERBSUNDE is an indie horror movie, being produced in Berlin, Germany. It is a production of the Chaer-brothers: Ahmed and Hussen Chaer and their company: GWF Film Production. A relatively new company, from Berlin, which has already produced some short films and series.

In search of an adventurous story in the woods, a group of journalism students awaken a superhuman being from its lost cryo-chamber. A long night a manhunting and desperation begins. 

The movie knows how to suprise and has a couple of tricky plot twists. In addition to that, they were also able to win over some incredibly talented actors for the project.

ERBSUNDE is GWF Film's first 90-minute feature film. It's being filmed in English, so that it's accessible to the American market and will be shown in theaters in 2023. 

For more info and to get involved, visit the film's Crowdfunding Page.

Visit the film's Instagram Page.

Visit the films Facebook Page.

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