Monday 9 May 2022

VIPCO release anthology film VIPCO’s VAULT OF TERROR : VOL 1

VIPCO are proud to announce the release of their first anthology film VIPCO’s VAULT OF TERROR : VOL 1 available now on DVD.

The anthology film features the following short films:

DEAD AIR Directed by Geoff Harmer

THE WEED WHACKER MASSACRE Directed by Benjamin R. Dover

PRIEST HUNTER Directed by Skip Shea

THE NURTURING Directed by Alex DiVincenzo

JAX IN LOVE Directed by Colin Campbell

All these films are wrapped around by THE ONE Directed by Peter Goddard.


A man regales his not so willing House guest with tales of the macabre! From something creeping under a students bed, a vengeful gardening appliance, a rock band on the flight from hell, to a woman seeking love through revenge and a man taking holy retribution into his hands.

View the Trailer on YouTube 

This is a Limited edition, first run of 50 units for VIPCO’s VAULT OF TERROR : VOL 1, which also ships with a free A3 poster. The DVD features a trailer reel for other VIPCO releases.

Order a copy of VIPCO’s VAULT OF TERROR : VOL 1 from VIPCO at the website:

VIPCO’s new company directors, Terence Elliott, Peter Goddard and David Rogers are no strangers to the realms of the macabre and will continue to ramp up the shock-factor to bring new gore-filled entertainment to horror fans around the globe.

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