Sunday 5 January 2020


“Thelma and Louise” meets “Sightseers” in the darkly humoured horror comedy “A Serial Killer’s Guide to Life”, which comes to digital outlets this month from Arrow films.

30 year old singleton Lou (Katie Brayben) is stuck in a dead end job, working in an ice cream shop in a seaside town. Still living at home with her overbearing mother, she’s become addicted to self-help books and audio guides, hoping they’ll show her a way out of her meaningless existence.

So when she meets a self-styled self-help guru named Val (Poppy Roe), who invites her along on a road trip, visiting various alternate self-development centres, she jumps at the chance.

But, it seems Val isn’t who she appears to be, as every place they visit, she leaves a trail of dead bodies in their wake. Seems Val is actually a serial killer, and Lou is now her unwitting sidekick, as they travel around bumping off the folk at the various hipster communes they visit.

Sporting a wicked streak of dark humour, and some amusing kill scenes, the film is perhaps a little slow in places, but proved a hit on the festival circuit. If you’re a fan of Sightseers, you’ll probably enjoy it.

The film is released to Digital outlets in the UK, as well as the US ans Canada, January 13th.

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