Friday 20 July 2018

Psychological thriller DISCREET comes to UK DVD and Digital July 23

Coming to UK DVD this month, from the acclaimed director of I Want Your Love and Interior Leather Bar. DISCREET is a powerful contemporary psychological thriller that explores both the allure of YouTube gurus and the cyclic nature of trauma and abuse. 

Filmmaker and recluse Alex lives in a van. He sets up his camera in rural areas in the US, in the no-man’s land near highways. During a rare visit to his distant mother, she reveals a dark truth hidden since his childhood that threatens to unravel him. Confused and unstable, Alex sets out to confront the looming shadow he has been running from all his life. But as he delves deeper in search of answers, 

Alex’s grip on reality becomes increasingly more tenuous and before long he finds himself unable to determine right from wrong. DISCREET stars Johnny Man (A Ghost Story), Joy Cunningham, Atsuko Okatsuka, and Jordan Elsass, and offers a disturbing insight into the dark heart of Trump’s America. 

DISCREET arrives on UK DVD and Digital July 23

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