Saturday 16 June 2012

Amicus Adventures return to DVD

Anyone remember those old adventure films made by Amicus films during the 70s that predominently starred Doug McClure and used to be regularly shown on Saturday morning TV?

Well if you're pining for some classic fanstasy adventure, Studio Canal are re-issuing several of these classic Amicus titles this July.

At the Earth's Core, The Land that Time Forgot and Warlords of Atlantis, starring the legendary Doug McClure, along with They Came from Beyond Space starring Robert Hutton will be hitting UK DVD shelves once more on July 30.

No news yet of what extras will be included on the discs (if any), but the discs are available for pre-order on Amazon.

Buy "Land that Time forgot" on DVD at

Buy "At the Earth's Core" on DVD at

Buy "Warlords of Atlantis" on DVD at

Buy "They Came from Beyond Space" on DVD at

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