Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Tom Savini to remake "Nightmare City"

Horror special effects legend Tom Savini (Dawn of the Dead, Friday the 13th) and cult Italian horror director Umberto Lenzi (Cannibal Ferox) are joining forces to crowdfund a remake of Lenzi's 1980 outrageous zombie film "Nightmare City".
Savini will be Director and Special Effects & Make Up Supervisor. Together with the best creative talents from his FX school in Pittsburgh he will guarantee mind-blowing makeup and special effects and lots of gore and will give horror fans what they desperately demand and miss in current horror movies - impressing practical special effects and gallons of blood instead of cheap CGI effects.

Lenzi will be patron of this remake of his cult classic and an Associate Producer.

Oscar nominated Dean Cundey, one of the world's best cinematographers, who worked on many films of John Carpenter, is in talks to be Director of Photography.

Get ready for breathtaking suspense, blood drenched horror, impressive special effects and a great cast and crew which will make this remake an outstanding horror production and the most terrifying zombie movie ever!

They are currently running an Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund the film with various benefits available for various levels of investment.
For more info, visit the "Nightmare City Indiegogo Page"

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