Sunday, 8 March 2015

"Buddy Hutchins" - US DVD review.

Jamie Kennedy, probably best known for playing horror nerd Randy Meeks in Wes Craven’s “Scream” movies, takes the lead this time for this low budget thriller from director Jared Cohn, which is out on US DVD this month from Uncork’d Entertainment.
Looking almost unrecognisable from his “Scream” days, Kennedy plays a downtrodden middle aged family man, whose luck appears to be going from bad to worse. Hopelessly in debt, his dry cleaning business is failing, his ex-wife is suing him for alimony payments, his teenage son hates him and his current partner has been seeing another man behind his back.
But when his ex-wife gets custody of their daughter, it’s the final straw and he embarks on a rampage with a handgun and chainsaw against all those he feels have done him wrong, with some spectacularly gory results.
"Buddy Hutchins" isn’t quite of the same calibre as “Falling Down” or “God Bless America”, which featured similarly disenchanted middle aged men going on violent killing sprees, as it seemed to take far too long for him to finally snap. But it remained entertaining and featured a cast that could actually act, which is always a plus when watching low budget films of this nature.
The film is out on US DVD now and is available to buy from

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