Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Girls and Corpses magazine 'Spring Outbreak' Issue

OK, I'm sure you're all familiar with 'Girls and Corpses Magazine', which regularly features on my news blog and yes, it does come across as a bit of a strange publication. But the latest 'Spring Outbreak' edition is shaping up to be the weirdest one yet. Ever heard of music producer Kim Fowley? Well, it was his ‘dying wish’ to have his cadaver on the cover of Girls and Corpses Magazine… and they were only too happy to oblige.
The iconic music record writer/producer and founder of The Runaways was a great friend of 'Girls and Corpses Magazine' and wrote and worked for them at dozens of events. He only had one request and that was “to be on the cover of his favourite magazine, Girls an Corpses", after he died.

Fowley’s corpse had to be put on the BACK cover, so the distributers wouldn’t kick them off the newsstands, but this is truly historic moment in publishing because it is the first time a corpse has been photographed in a body bag… with a fetish model… and put on a magazine cover… for Girls and Corpses.
This issue also features the last mad writings of Kim Fowley which are exclusively published in this diseased issue and it will make your head spin and pop off.

You can listen to Kim Fowley’s own words from his deathbed here on YouTube 

Also in the Spring Outbreak issue they explore deadly diseases that will end life on earth: Ebola, The Plague, The Flu and The Kardashians. Catch a tribute to Iwo Jima’s 75th anniversary with their Hazmat Hotties: RILEY STEELE, JILLIAN JANSON, RAVEN BAY and JODIE TAYLOR.
On the historic back cover, as promised, iconic record producer KIM FOWLEY’s body bag is unzipped with fetish supermodel JIN N TONIC. Also, a deadly photoshoot with PATIENT ZERO at a Biohazard Field Hospital with nurses IVY SHERWOOD and JEZAZBEL VESSIR.
Exclusive Interviews with: Rockabilly legend The REV HORTON HEAT; MOLLY DUNSWORTH (Septic Man, Hobo With A Shotgun), BIANCA BRADEY (Wyrmwood); metal band BLOODBATH; INCITE’s necro-erotic WTF music video; and GWYNETH PALTROW’s Toxic Shit and much, much more...
Order this diseased issue now from their Official Website

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