Sunday, 15 March 2015

Short film "Survival Guide" available on Vimeo Mar 17

Canadian film maker Phil Connel will be releasing his short film "SURVIVAL GUIDE", which explores the threat of child abduction onto video on Tuesday, March 17th, to coincide with it's St Patrick's Day setting.
It’s St Patrick’s Day 1987 and a child abductor is at large in the neighbourhood. Locked out in the cold and face-to-face with shadowy strangers, Fleur, an 11-year-old girl guide, must make quick decisions about who she can trust.
Since its premiere at the Canadian Film Festival last year, "SURVIVAL GUIDE", directed by Phil Connell and written by Genevieve Scott, has travelled across the Atlantic and will have a worldwide free VoD release on Vimeo on St Patrick’s Day to coincide with the setting of the film and its world premiere anniversary.
"SURVIVAL GUIDE" is a suspense-filled coming-of-age story, ambitiously set in the 1980s, about the vulnerability of our youth, in particular girls, and how crucial trust and awareness is for children. It explores how fleeting events in a young person’s life can alter the course of  their actions and relationships almost immediately.
You can view the trailer HERE
The film will available on Vimeo from March 17th at

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