Saturday, 7 March 2015

"The Burning Dead" - US DVD review.

“The Burning Dead”, starring Danny Trejo, is the latest feature from Uncork’d Entertainment, which is out now on US VOD and will be released on US DVD April.
When the “extinct” volcano that overshadows a small hillside American town suddenly becomes active, residents are forced to flee. But when the Volcano blows its stack a week ahead of its predicted eruption, the few residents that haven’t finished packing find they’ve got more to worry about than badly animated CGI lava flows.
Seems the volcanoes initial blast spat out more than just smoke and volcanic bombs, but ash covered zombies as well. The zombies then proceed to chow down on the survivors who are trying to make it to safety through the woods, after the main road gets cut off. And so its down to the sheriff (played by Sorority Party Massacre’s Thomas Downey) to try and rescue the stragglers.
Kind of a bizarre cross between “Dante’s Peak” and “Night of the Living Dead”, the film makes good use of its scenic locations, being shot in an around various National Parks in Northern California. Genre regular Danny Trejo (old “Machete” himself) also makes an appearance as a red Indian, who’s recounting the film in flashback form. But the movie is sadly let down with its use of bad CGI and repetitive stock music, which has all the hallmarks of an Asylum picture.
The scenes with Trejo actually appear tacked on, like they were written to try and shoehorn him into the film and I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed that the “lava” seems to burn everything it touches APART from the trees???
The film does appear to have been shot with it’s tongue firmly in its cheek though, so if you like these no-brain low budget horrors you’ll probably enjoy it. But otherwise you may wish to avoid.
"The Burning Dead" is out now on VOD in the US with a DVD release following on April 7th.
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