Sunday, 24 October 2021

Horror Channel unveils an unholy host of premieres for November

Long weekends just got scarier as Horror Channel announces eleven premieres for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights across November, including five UK TV premieres, three by emerging female directors.

Being shown for the first time on the small screen are Elle Callahan’s allegorical paranormal thriller WITCH HUNT, Amelia Moses’ lyrical lycanthrope horror BLOODTHIRSTY and Coralie Fargeat’s directorial debut, the slickly gruesome REVENGE. Also getting their first showings on TV are Nicolas Pesce’s smartly sadistic PIERCING and John Berardo’s subversive slasher INITIATION.

Neil Marshall makes a welcome return with the channel premiere of DOOMSDAY, as do The Soska Sisters, with the channel premiere of their stand-out body horror hit AMERICAN MARY. Plus, there is a channel premiere for Katie Aselton’s intense battle-of-the-sexes thriller BLACK ROCK and for three remakes – the 2009 version of THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, with Wes Craven in a producing role, the 2007 version of THE HITCHER, with Sean Bean reprising the Rutger Hauer role and the 2014 version of erotic thriller THE LOFT, again directed by Erik Van Looy and starring Karl Urban.

Full film details in transmission order:

Friday 5 November @ 21:00 – WITCH HUNT (2021) *UK TV Premiere

Witch trials have come to life in modern day America and no one is safe from persecution or execution. Claire (Gideon Adlon) and her mother (Elizabeth Mitchell) are part of an underground movement in charge of ferrying women accused of witchcraft to safety. All is well in their world until a new charge brings the witch hunters to their door. Will they escape with their lives or will they also be charged with the ungodly crime of being a witch?

Friday 5 November @ 23:00 – PIERCING (2018) *UK TV Premiere

Reed (Christopher Abbott) is going on a business trip, but in lieu of a suitcase filled with clothes, he's packed a toothbrush and a murder kit. Everything is meticulously planned: check into a hotel and kill an unsuspecting victim. Only then will he rid himself of his devious impulses and continue to be a good husband and father. But Reed gets more than he bargained for with Jackie (Mia Wasikowska), an alluring call girl who arrives at his room.

Saturday 6 November @ 22:45 – DOOMSDAY (2008) *Channel Premiere

In this action-packed thriller from writer/director Neil Marshall (The Descent), authorities brutally quarantine a country as it succumbs to fear and chaos when a virus strikes. The literal walling-off works for three decades--until the dreaded Reaper virus violently resurfaces in a major city. Starring Rhona Mitra, Bob Hoskins, and Malcolm McDowell.

Sunday 7 November @ 21:00 – BLACK ROCK (2012) *Channel Premiere

Three childhood friends set aside their personal issues and reunite for a girls' weekend on a remote island off the coast of Maine. One wrong move turns their weekend getaway into a deadly fight for survival. Stars Katie Aselton, Lake Bell and Kate Bosworth

Friday 12 November @ 23:05 – AMERICAN MARY (2012) *Channel Premiere

Medical student Mary Mason (Katharine Isabelle) becomes increasingly disenchanted by the school she studies at and the established doctors she once admired. The allure of easy money to solve her debt problems sends her into the twilight world of body modification and underground surgeries where obsessed flesh artists will pay anything to get their unusual procedures done. But Mary finds that her new ‘profession’ leaves more marks on her own psyche than on her freakish clientele. Also stars Jen and Sylvia Soska.

Saturday 13 November @ 22:50 – THE HITCHER (2007) *Channel Premier

When two travellers pick up a hitcher on the side of the road, they immediately discover that their worst fears have come true - this Hitcher is a murderous psychopath.  However, it's only after the young couple barely escape with their lives that the real trouble begins.  A new take on the 1986 classic starring Sean Bean.

Sunday 14 November @ 21:00 – THE LOFT (2014) *Channel premiere

Five married men conspire to secretly share a penthouse loft in the city - a place where they can indulge in their deepest extramarital fantasies. But the fantasy becomes a nightmare when they discover the dead body of an unknown woman in the loft, and they realise one of the group must be involved. Stars Karl Urban and James Marsden.

Friday 19 November @ 21:00 – BLOODTHIRSTY (2020) *UK TV Premiere

When an offer to record with one of the greatest music producers of all time comes along, singer Grey can’t refuse. Moving cross country to record her new album in a remote location, Grey begins to realise there’s a beastly secret lurking within her new home. Will her own humanity be the price for fame and how much blood will be shed to secure a hit?

Friday 19 November @ 22:40 – REVENGE (2017) *UK TV Premiere

Three wealthy married men get together for their annual hunting game in a desert canyon. One of them is accompanied by his young mistress, who quickly arouses the interest of the two others, and things get dramatically out of hand.

Saturday 27 November @ 22:30 – THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT (2009) *Channel Premiere 

This remake brings one of the most notorious thrillers of all time to a new generation, as it explores how far two ordinary people will go to exact revenge on the sociopaths who harmed their child. As producer, Wes Craven revisits the landmark film that launched his directing career and influenced decades of horror films to follow:

Sunday 28 November @ 22:55 – INITIATION (2020) *UK TV Premiere

One night, at Whiton University, a star-athlete is murdered in the wake of a buried assault allegation, kicking off a spree of social media-linked slayings. As a masked killer targets students across campus, a trio of sorority sisters race to uncover the truth behind the school's hidden secrets - and the horrifying meaning of an exclamation point - before they become the next victims.

TV: Sky 317 / Virgin 149 / Freeview 70 / Freesat 138




Scott Lyus’s debut horror WALKING AGAINST THE RAIN enters post-production.

The apocalyptic monster road movie, WALKING AGAINST THE RAIN, has entered post-production. 
Directed by Scott Lyus, making his feature film debut, the graphic tale of two strangers navigating their way through a barren landscape, was shot in fifteen days in locations including Kirklinton Hall & Gardens, Eden Valley Railway and Lake Buttermere.

Synopsis: Set six months after a biblical plague has fallen upon the world, WALKING AGAINST THE RAIN tells the story of two strangers, Tommy (Reece Douglas) and Blair (Sophia Eleni) who are navigating their way across a barren landscape in a desperate attempt to find each other. With their only form of communication being two soon-to-die battery operated radio mics and with a new evil in the shape of ‘The Forsaken’ tracking them down, they must learn to confront loss and rediscover a trust in humanity. Or die.  

Co-producers and long-term collaborators Scott Lyus and Chris Nials, have created several successful short films, including Silently Within Your Shadow, Echoes of the Passed and, most recently, the multi award winning Black Mass
Lyus’s UK-produced film, which he also wrote, stars Cruel Summer’s Reece Douglas, newcomer Sophia Eleni, Johnny Vivash (Book of Monsters) and James Swanton as monster creation ‘The Forsaken’.

WALKING AGAINST THE RAIN is a Crossroad Pictures production, written & directed by Scott Lyus. The film is produced by Scott Lyus, with Line Producer Chris Nails and Assistant Producer Mel Morley. The film is executive produced by Malcolm Winter and Monika Gergelova of M & M Film Productions and funded by Red Rock Entertainment.

Saturday, 23 October 2021

RESIDENT EVIL: WELCOME TO RACCOON CITY - New 'Origins' Vignette & Poster

Sony Pictures UK are pleased to release a new vignette and poster for RESIDENT EVIL: WELCOME TO RACCOON CITY, coming soon to UK cinemas.

In this new 'Origins' vignette, director Johannes Roberts teases the film's introduction to the iconic characters and world of Raccoon City, and the astonishing level of faithful detail and design that brings to life the new action-horror based on the iconic videogame franchise.

 Visit the Official RESIDENT EVIL UK Facebook Page.

A horror debut, Jean Rollin, a party massacre and the Phantom of the Mall on ARROW, Nov!

Key highlights this NOVEMBER on the essential, alternative streaming service ARROW include the exclusive premiere of Michael Venus’s extraordinary horror SLEEP, a season of films from the legendary director Jean Rollin that includes vampires, hitchhikers and demonic cults, the incredible, jaw-dropping DUDE BRO PARTY MASSACRE III, a beautifully-restored cult 80s slasher complete with extras, and so much more... 
There is no shortage of horror in November on ARROW with PHANTOM OF THE MALL: ERIC’S REVENGE, an interpretation of Gaston Leroux’s classic novel The Phantom of the Opera like no other - it was only a matter of time before the slasher genre decided to take a stab at the tale, here presented in three different cuts of the film - the theatrical release, censored TV version and the ‘Integral Fan Cut’; and the improbably named and incredibly entertaining DUDE BRO PARTY MASSACRE III, featuring the serial killer “Motherface” on the rampage - fireworks are guaranteed! Also in November, an imaginary friend like no other, with DANIEL ISN’T REAL, featuring a star-making performance from Patrick Schwarzenegger, in a visually stunning, thought-provoking exploration of mental illness, entitlement and childhood trauma, perfectly tailored for our troubled times, and one of the most unique and captivating independent horror movies of recent years.

New seasons this November include a two-part season of films from the magnificent, maverick French director Jean Rollin, with psychedelic blood-drenched spectaculars, and mysterious and fantastical gothic tales, including The Shiver of the Vampires, The Demoniacs, The Iron Rose, and Requiem for a Vampire; Nightmares and Scary Tales, a world where a pleasant sleep and bad dreams collide, including Ringu, Dream Demon, and The Snake Girl and the Silver-haired Witch; Six Shooters vs Straight Razors, featuring directors who have tackled both Westerns and Giallos; and ARROW’s very own new frat ‘ΑΓΓΟΨ,’ with films including The Initiation, The Violent Years, and Sting of Death.

ALSO SHOWING: One-of-a-kind genre-bender that riffs on the yakuza film, coming-of-age drama SAILOR SUIT AND MACHINE GUN; nerve-twanging mystery chiller BODY AT BRIGHTON ROCK GUN, and more…

Find the full length press release including all synopses and more here


New Titles – From November 1
- Sleep
- The Shiver of the Vampires
- The Rape of the Vampire
- The Nude Vampire
- The Far Country
- The Yellow Lovers

New Title - From November 8
- Daniel Isn’t Real

New Titles – From November 15
- The Demoniacs
- The Iron Rose
- Requiem for a Vampire
- Schoolgirl Hitchhikers
- Sailor Suit and Machine Gun

New Title – From November 19
- Dude Bro Party Massacre III

New Titles – From November 22
- Body at Brighton Rock
- Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge

The Art of Cult. Head to ARROW and start your 30-day free trial. Available on the following Apps/devices: Xbox, Roku (all Roku sticks, boxes, devices, etc), Apple TV; iOS devices, Android TV and mobile devices, Fire TV (all Amazon Fire TV Sticks, boxes, etc), and on all web browsers at

Subscriptions are available for £4.99 monthly or £49.99 annually

Thursday, 21 October 2021


Lionsgate UK are pleased to announce three more cult classics joining their Vestron Collector’s Series. Originally released by Vestron Video, these classic cult horror titles are restored and remastered on Blu-ray™ and packed with hours of special features.


Presented in a high-definition director’s cut, Francis Ford Coppola’s first ever film Dementia 13 is quintessential gothic horror, wrapped in the twisted mysteries of a family’s deepest, darkest secrets. 

A widow deceives her late husband’s mother and brothers into thinking he’s still alive when she attends the yearly memorial to his drowned sister, hoping to secure his inheritance. 

But her cunning is no match for the demented, axe-wielding thing roaming the grounds of the family’s Irish estate in this cult favourite featuring Patrick Magee (The Legend of Hell House, A Clockwork Orange) and Luana Anders (The Trip, Night Tide).

Special Features
- Introduction by Francis Ford Coppola
- Audio Commentary by director Francis Ford Coppola
- Prologue (Dementia 13 Test)

Pre-order the UK BD from


Charlie Sheen, Nick Cassavetes (Face/Off), Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks), and Randy Quaid (Independence Day) star in this turbocharged cult classic! When four glowing orbs crash into each other over the Arizona desert, they leave in their wake a badass Dodge Turbo Interceptor, and its enigmatic, helmeted driver. 

The next day, the mysterious Jake (Sheen) appears in the town of Brooks, catching the eye of Keri (Fenn) and the ire of Packard (Cassavetes), the ruthless leader of a gang of street racers. When gang members start losing races, and lives, to the Interceptor, the recent death of Keri’s boyfriend suddenly seems connected to the arrival of Jake, the unbeatable car…and an avenging entity called The Wraith.

Special Features:
- Audio Commentary with writer/director Mike Marvin
- Audio Commentary with actors Dave Sherrill and Jamie Bozian
- Isolated Score Selections featuring audio interview with co-composer J. Peter Robinson
- Tales From The Desert - An interview with writer/director Mike Marvin  
- Rughead Speaks! - An interview with Actor Clint Howard
- Ride of the Future - Interviews with stunt coordinator Buddy Joe Hooker and transportation coordinator Gary Hellerstein
- The Ghost Car – Interviews with visual effects producer Peter Kuran and effects animator Kevin Kutchaver
- The Wraith Filming Locations: Then and Now
- Theatrical Trailer
- TV Spots
- Alternate Title Sequence
- Still Gallery

Pre-order the UK BD from



The road to Purgatory is paved with good intentions, and Count Mardulak (David Carradine) wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s seeking atonement for centuries of human carnage, which is why he’s instructed Purgatory’s vampire residents to slather on SPF 100 sunblock, pursue daytime activities… and drink only synthetic blood. 

But some vampires don’t agree with Mardulak — they want the real thing — and if that means wooden bullets flying in a vampire civil war, so be it! This wild horror-comedy also stars Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead franchise), M. Emmet Walsh (Blade Runner), and John Ireland (Spartacus).

 Special Features:
- Audio Commentary with Director Anthony Hickox and Director of Photography Levie Isaacks
- Isolated Score Selections and Audio Interviews with Music Historian Randall Larson and Producer Jefferson Richard
- Wild Weird West – An Interview with Director Anthony Hickox
- Bloodsuckers from Purgatory - An Interview with Special Make-up Effects Creator Tony Gardner
- Memories of Moab – An Interview with Actor Bruce Campbell
- A Vampire Reformed – An Interview with Actor David Carradine
- A True Character – An Interview with Actor M. Emmet Walsh
- Theatrical Trailer
- Still Gallery

Pre-order the UK BD from

DEMENTIA 13, THE WRAITH and SUNDOWN: THE VAMPIRE IN RETREAT are on Blu-ray 15 November from Lionsgate UK

Friday, 15 October 2021

LAST STOP ON THE NIGHT TRAIN : the Italian rape & revenge film coming to Blu-ray via TetroVideo in october

TetroVideo is proud to announce the release of the famous Last Stop on the Night Train (aka Night Train Murders, Late Night Trains, L'ultimo treno della notte), the rape & revenge horror film written and directed by the italian screewriter and director Aldo Lado (Short Night of Glass Dolls, Who Saw Her Die?) in 1975.
The cult movie Last Stop on the Night Train arrives on Blu-ray (english/italian language and subtitles) with a new High Definition, audio/video restored transfer from the original uncensored negative. 
It will be available for pre-order on October 15th: 
- Standard Edition: Digipack cover A/B + Blu-ray + Slipcover + Poster + Card 
- Limited and Numbered Edition (only 200 copies): Digipack + Blu-ray + Slipcover + Poster + 2 Collector's Card + 20-pag Booklet (“Evil Woman: How Females Can Be Perpetrators of Violent Crime in L’ultimo Treno Della Notte” by Zoë Rose Smith - Ghouls Magazine)  + CD soundtrack by italian legendary composer Ennio Morricone that includes the opening track by Demis Roussos. 
- T-Shirt with the TetroVideo exclusive cover art by Shin Nagai and the italian comic artist Claudio Montalbano 
Blu-ray Bonus Features include “The Disobedient” 83' Interview with Aldo Lado by Carcassa (italian language with english subtitles); Poster and Still Gallery; Trailer and Original trailer. 
Based on the plots of Ingmar Bergman's The Virgin Spring and Wes Craven's The Last House on the Left, Last Stop on the Night Train was banned in the UK in the 1980s. 
The story follows Lisa Stradi (Laura D’Angelo) and her cousin Margareth (Irene Miracle), two girls riding a train through Germany on Christmas Eve, who are brutalized by three criminals on the railway carriage. 
Flavio Bucci (Suspiria), Macha Méril (Deep Red), Enrico Maria Salerno (Death Sentence), Laura D’Angelo, Irene Miracle (Midnight Express), Marina Berti (Safety Catch) and Fabrizi (Shadows Unseen) star.
For more info and to order this, and other titles, visit


THE LOCKDOWN HAUNTINGS gets DVD release - plans for sequel underway

A paranormal serial killer comes out to attack in Howard J Ford’s feature film is THE LOCKDOWN HAUNTINGS, soon to be released in the US by Distribution Solutions, a division of Alliance Entertainment. It will be on digital and OnDemand from Oct 19, and on DVD from Nov 16, 2021.  
The film is currently available to watch in the UK on digital platforms including Apple, Amazon, Google, Sky Store and Virgin. 
The award-winning director behind The Dead, The Dead 2 India, and Never Let Go, who shot The Lockdown Hauntings as a one-man mission, with no crew, during the first UK lockdown, also teased that plans for a sequel are underway: 
“I’ve shot almost 40 minutes of THE LOCKDOWN HAUNTINGS 2: SECOND WAVE. It has a bit of a 'found footage' type style so will be more raw and gritty in parts. It tells different stories of people being haunted around Europe”. 
Synopsis: With the streets empty and free from human activity, spirits are free to roam. A notorious serial killer, is back from the dead prowling for young female victims; isolated and locked down. What do you do when you can’t get out? How do you stay alive when you can’t see your murderer? How do you stop a serial killer who is already dead?   
The paranormal thriller stars horror legend Tony Todd (The Candyman, Scream: The TV Series, The Flash), Angela Dixon (Never Let Go, Assailant, Homeless Ashes), Heather Peace (Silent Witness, Holby City) Sarah-Jane Potts (Sugar Rush, Kinky Boots), Justin Hayward (Are We Monsters, Adventure Boyz) and Jon Campling (Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, The Northman) and was written, filmed, and directed by award-winning director Howard J. Ford (The Dead, The Dead 2, Never Let Go) in the UK during the early stages of the global pandemic lockdown.
Join the film’s Facebook page for latest information and updates: