Friday, 13 March 2015

"No Good Deed" - UK DVD review

Out this month on UK DVD and VOD, Sam Miller’s “No Good Deed” stars Taraji P Henson (“Karate Kid” remake, “Smokin Aces”) as a former Lawyer and housewife, who’s home alone with her 2 young children, when a passing motorist knocks on the door, saying he has car trouble and asking to use the phone.
Unfortunately, this turns out to be a ploy just to get inside, as the mysterious stranger, who calls himself Colin (Idris Elba - TV's "Luther"), is actually a violent criminal who’s just broken custody, killing both his guards in the process, and is looking for a place to hideout.
Initially, she doesn’t suspect anything and falls for his story about him being stranded. But as the evening draws on, and with no sign of the tow truck he apparently phoned for, she begins to suspect Colin isn’t all he seems and their lives are all in deadly danger.
More of a tense psychological thriller than a horror. It starts well, but then seems to slow down towards the end, though it has a few twists along the way which keeps things interesting.
The film is out now on VOD, with its DVD release following March 23rd. The DVD release also containing a making-of feature as an extra.
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