Tuesday, 10 March 2015

"Avenged" - US DVD review.

“I Spit on Your Grave” meets “The Crow” in Michael S Ojeda’s “Avenged” (AKA Savaged), which is out at selected US theatres this month ahead of its VOD and DVD release in April.
The film focuses on a young girl named Zoe (Amada Adrienne) who decides to go on a long distance road trip to see her boyfriend, Dane (Marc Anthony Samuel). But whilst passing through a small desert town, she stops to assist a young red Indian native, who’s being beaten up at the roadside by a group of redneck thugs that have been stealing ‘souvenirs’ from the local tribal graveyard.
Quickly overpowered, they continue to beat on the young lad, then decide to abduct her and subject her to a brutal gang rape and beating, before leaving her for dead in a shallow grave. Her body is found shortly after by an Indian tribal chief, who resurrects her using an ancient ritual, whereby she proceeds to go on a revenge spree, tracking down her tormentors then scalping, disembowelling and shooting them with arrows in a suitably gory fashion.
Now, I had some mixed feelings about the film, on the plus side director Michael S Ojeda manages to make the most out of the films low budget and small town location and there are some quite enjoyable gory kills. But on the minus side, there’s the usual dodgy CGI effects, plus I didn’t really get the whole “resurrected by vengeful Indian spirits” thing.
The film is playing at selected US theatres, then is released to VOD. A US DVD release follows April 21st.

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