Tuesday, 19 August 2014

"Werewolf Rising" - UK DVD review

Coming to UK DVD this September. Set in the backwoods of Arkansas, the film starts with some rather unsavoury character, who’s about to commit some sort of violent assault on a young woman. But before he can do anything, his “fun” is ruined by some wild animal, which bursts out of the scrub and attacks them both.
Having set the general tone, we’re then introduced to the films main character Emma (Melissa Carnell – “Humans Vs Zombies”), whos returned to her childhood home in the nearby town. There she meets her old neighbour Wayne (Bryan Berry) and his nephew Johnny Lee (Matt Kopco). Though there seems to be some strange animosity between Wayne and Johnny, which is made all the stranger when Wayne hands Emma a gun to use in case Johnny comes back.
But Johnny isn’t the one Emma needs to worry about. Seems uncle Wayne has a bit of a seedy past himself. And to top it all off, as there appears to be a werewolf on the prowl and is looking at either killing, or turning into his own kind, as many other people that he can hunt down.
Borrowing bits and pieces from “The Howling”, the film starts quite well, but then seems to slow down and doesn’t really pick up again till near the end. Whilst I thought the werewolf creature was quite effective, there just seemed to be these really long periods where not much happens, with the main focus of the film being on the developing relationship between Emma and Johnny as they become friends.
The film more or less held my interest for its duration, but suffers badly from slow pacing. Fans of low budget Werewolf films will probably enjoy it.
As for the disc itself, the DVD was bare bones and did not contain any supplemental material.
Werewolf Rising comes to UK DVD on the 8th September from Image Entertainment.
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