Tuesday 26 August 2014

Girls & Corpses teams with TomCat Films to create new horror label

Girls and Corpses Magazine has entered into a partnership with TomCat Films to release a slate of original indie horror films. “Girls and Corpses Presents” will be displayed at the front of films approved for release and sanctioned as meeting the high standards of the worldwide newsstand magazine phenomenon, Girls and Corpses, founded by Robert “Corpsy” Rhine.

Following the labels created by Fangoria and Bloody-Disgusting.com, Girls and Corpses Presents will release four acquisitions a year to coincide with each quarterly issue of the printed magazine.  In addition to releasing on DVD and Blu-Ray, the company is in talks with major digital and online streaming companies to create a dedicated channel of content curated by the Girls and Corpses Team.

The Girls and Corpses Presents  label will be unveiled at this year’s AFM under the TomCat Films banner to foreign buyers. Girls and Corpses is sold on newsstands worldwide and is also translated into German, “The way is already paved internationally for the new film label,” says TomCat’s President, Ted Chalmers.

The first DVD release to be flying the Girls and Corpses banner, will be Unfiltered Entertainment’s Blood Rites, directed by Dorothy Booraem, who co-wrote the project with Producer Chad Haufschild.  The team previously collaborated on microbudget smash success, Wake The Witch. Blood Rites is a macabre treat inspired by Giallo, a terrifying genre popularized by masters such as Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci. The film will be released via DVD in December of 2014. Blood Rites will be followed up, under the Girls and Corpses Presents slats, by The Meat Puppet, directed by Joe Valenti, a terrifying yarn featuring a host of celebrity cameos such as WCW’s April Hunter.

The team will also be producing original wraparound featurettes for each title. Chalmers and Corpsy promise to deliver content that is both “salacious and horrifying,” and will feature some of today’s hottest talent co-hosting each segment. Tera Patrick, among others, is currently attached to kick off the fun. TomCat Films just wrapped filming Aliens VS Titanic and Monster-Zilla, with Atomic Shark going into production next month.

The label also plans to jointly produce one original theatrical film for the label each year. The budgets will ranges from $1.2 million to $4.6 million. The first film on the production slate will be "CYSters," a dark horror/comedy exploring pregnancy and child birth. Girls and Corpses Productions has funded and green-lit the film, from a script by R.S. Rhine. Danielle Harris who’s last film, Among Friends, was released through Lionsgate, is in talks to direct.

Girls and Corpses Productions is also funding the completion of horror film 'Two Faced' starring Tony Todd, Daniel Baldwin, Jacqui Holland and Antwon Tanner in a Johnny Kearns film. The script by Rolo Velascoe is about a ruthless gold-digger in a gruesome tale of vanity. Produced by Ken Tayloe and Jacqui Holland of Violet Sky Productions.

TomCat Films LLC is a vertically integrated film sales, licensing and distribution company with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona and affiliate locations in Beverly Hills, California, New York City, New York, and Selangor, Malaysia. Many of TomCat’s films can be seen on Netflix, InDemand, Family Video, Best Buy, Amazon and other establishments in the U.S./Canada and around the world. http://tomcatfilmsllc.com/

GIRLS and CORPSES MAGAZINE™ is an outrageous horror/comedy/art & music magazine distributed on newsstands internationally by Ingram, Diamond, PDG Annas International and also translated into German. Check out the madness here: http://girlsandcorpses.com/ 

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