Monday, 11 August 2014

English zombie film "Wasteland" to get US release.

Zombie movie "Wasteland", which was filmed in Derby by director Tom Wadlow,  is set to be released in countries across the world, starting with North America.

Chrissa Wadlow, commercial director with Light Films, said: "We have just signed a deal which sees it being released in North America first and slowly released globally. All being well, it will be released within the next six to 12 months."

The movie follows the story of Scott (Shameer Seepersand), who is caught up in a world taken over by the walking dead. As he struggles to survive on his own, while longing for the return of his girlfriend, Beth.

Director Tom Wadlow is a graduate of the University of Derby and went on to study at Universal Studios, in Los Angeles, where he spent the early part of his career as a film director.

Speaking about the film he said: "While our focus was on creating a movie that would entertain, scare and fulfil what is expected of the genre, we always knew that we wanted to give the viewer something honest, with realistic characters that had real emotions and lived their lives as you would expect".

"Our focus is to tell the story from Scott's point of view, not to show the outbreak [of disease] but to show you his life before, during and after the world changed around him".
For more info, checkout the films official Facebook page, Light films Official Website and Light films Twitter page.
(This press release was based on an article from the Derby Telegraph

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