Saturday, 2 August 2014

Bernard Rose directs SX tape

Just released on UK DVD, "SX Tape" from director Bernard Rose (Candyman) and the producers of "Paranormal Activity".
Jill and Adam (Caitlyn Folley and Ian Duncan) are a young couple excited by everything around them. When film-maker Adam suggests to artist Jill that an abandoned hospital would be a good place to exhibit her work, the pair set about exploring but get distracted by the lure of a hospital bed.
As Adam convinces Jill to let him tie her to the bed, Jill gets attacked and possessed by the ghost of a former patient. When Jill's friends Ellie (Diana Garcia) and Bobby (Chris Coy) show up, Adam becomes increasingly suspicious of Bobby's motives; the discovery of a security tape only furthers his mistrust...
The film is out now on UK DVD and is released by Spirit Entertainment.

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