Saturday, 9 August 2014

"The Last Showing" - a review

I’ve been following the progress of Phil Hawkins new horror movie “The Last Showing” on Facebook for some time now, so when I got chance to watch a preview ahead of its forthcoming UK release, I was understandably eager to check it out
Set in England, the film stars Horror veteran Robert Englund (old Freddy Kruger himself) as a downtrodden cinema employee, who’s worked most of his life as the projectionist at his local multiplex cinema. So when he finds himself relegated to the concession stand and sweeping the aisles, because he refuses to be “trained” on the new digital equipment by a bunch of spotty teenagers, he’s obviously not very happy.
Bitter at his treatment by the other staff, who show him little respect in spite of his length of service, and appalled at how horror movies, which were once his favourite genre, are now grotesquely gory instead of scary. He gets himself a digital camera, and with the help of the cinemas CCTV system, decides to make his own film, whilst simultaneously getting revenge of the staff.
Unfortunately for one young couple, Martin and Allie, who’d gone to see a special late night screening of Wes Craven’s “Hills Have Eyes 2” (why would ANYONE go see THAT film?), they also find themselves forced to act as characters in his deadly plot. Trapped in the cinema and unsure of why he’s doing this to them or what he has in store, they soon discover, there’s nothing scarier than an empty cinema after closing time…
Also starring Finn Jones (Game of Thrones) and Emily Berrington (White Queen, Inbetweeners 2), the film is very low budget, but overall I was very impressed. It kind of reminded me of "Phantom of the Opera", crossed with "Saw" (the first Saw film that is, which was more of a clever thriller, unlike the gore soaked sequels).
Obviously, the film is elevated a few notches by the presence of Robert Englund , who definitely brings something to the role of Stuart, the disgruntled projectionist. But even without him, I’d say the film is still a fairly well honed thriller, which allows you to overlook many of its low budget trappings.
The film also benefits from the presence of Keith Allen (of “The Comic Strip Presents” fame, “Trainspotting”, the singer of that Vinadloo song, and of course Lily’s Dad), who plays a police detective that’s trying to get them out, but realises something isn’t quite right…
“The Last Showing” receives its official premiere at this years Frightfest and will receive a limited UK theatrical run from August the 22nd.  It will be subsequently released to UK DVD and BD on August 25th. I’m sure this one will go down a storm at Frightfest, so if you get chance to see it, do so.

No idea of what extras will be included on the DVD or BD release, but will post specs if and when the information is forthcoming.

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