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"The Quiet Ones" - UK BD/DVD review

Aaah, nothing screams “Hammer Horror”  like opening a film to the tune of Slade’s “Come on Feel the Noise”. Set in the 1970s (as the music would suggest), the film stars Jared Harris (Resident Evil : Apocalypse) as Jospeh Coupland. An Oxford University professor who’s renown for debunking paranormal claims.

When he’s given the chance to study a young subject called Jane (Olivia Cook – TVs "Bates Motel"), who can apparently manifest paranormal phenomenon. He decides to conduct his experiments on her at a remote country house, and hires a young cameraman, Brian (the “Hunger Games” Sam Clafin) to document the events.

Locking her in a room, Coupland and his students apply numerous tests to see if she really is possessed with psycho-kinetic abilities, or if its all some elaborate hoax. But as the tests get progressively harsher and seemingly more unethical, Brian begins to wonder if Coupland isn’t playing an elaborate hoax on them all. But with all manner of bizarre things going on in the house, just how far will Coupland go to prove his point either way?

Produced by the legendary Hammer films, and loosely based on a genuine case study (Google ‘The Philip Experiment’ if you’re interested), the film was quite entertaining, but in many ways was rather like a 70s version of “Session 9” crossed with “Blair Witch Project”. So if you enjoyed those (and if you like 70s music), you should enjoy this.
The disc contains a nice selection of extras which includes

-         An audio commentary track with Director John Pogue and Producer Tobin Armbrust
-         “Welcome to the Quiet Ones” – making of feature
-         “Manifesting evil”  - the director and crew discuss how the title sequence came about.
-         Deleted scenes – 25 mins worth of extras scenes which were cut or shortened for the final version.
-         Gag reel, which is basically a collection of bloopers.

The film is released to UK DVD and BD Aug 18th from Image Entertainment.
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