Saturday, 9 August 2014

"The Last Halloween" - a short film review

OK, got another short film reviewed for you here. Director Marc Roussel recently got in touch to tell me about his film “The Last Halloween”, which is going to be screened at the ‘Mascara and Popcorn Short Film Festival’ in Montreal, Canada next week (Aug 14-17) and he asked me to give it the once over.
It’s Halloween and 4 youngsters are going from door-to-door, trick or treating. But we soon see that something is amiss. Their costumes appear dilapidated, the shoddy state of the houses appears to be more than just Halloween décor and the shocking appearance of some of the residents doesn’t look like make-up…
Seems there’s a post-apocalyptic twist in the tale, but for the one ardent survivalist holed up in his home fortress, he’s about to discover that’s its never wise to turn away trick-or-treaters on Halloween, even if it is the end of the world….
Thoroughly enjoyed this one. It had a very “Tales from the Crypt” feel to it, and director Marc Roussel has clearly put his experience of working in film and TV to good use. Its well shot, and most surprisingly of all, the main roles all appear to be played by regular actors from Canadian TV (sharper eyes viewers will spot Julian Richings of “Shoot ‘Em Up”, “Cube” and “Man of Steel” fame in a minor role).
So yes. Was very impressed with this. One might say I found it “Devilishly Creepy”.
Anyway, again, its screening at ‘Mascara and Popcorn Short Film Festival’ in Montreal. So if you get chance, go check it out.
View the trailer on YouTube.
Checkout the Festival website.

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