Monday, 16 January 2017

Under the Shadow - on UK DVD and VOD Jan 23

Tehran, 1988. Shideh lives amid the chaos of the Iran-Iraq war. Accused of subversion and blacklisted from medical college, she is in a state of malaise. Furthermore, her husband is at war, leaving her alone to protect their young daughter, Dorsa. 

Shortly after a missile hits their apartment building but fails to explode, Dorsa falls ill and her behaviour becomes increasingly disturbed. Searching for answers, Shideh learns from a superstitious neighbour that the cursed, unexploded missile might have brought in djinn – malevolent spirits that travel on the wind. 

Convinced that a supernatural force within the building is attempting to possess Dorsa, Shideh finds she has no choice but to confront it if she is to save her daughter.

UNDER THE SHADOW has been nominated for BEST BRITISH FILM and OUTSTANDING DEBUT at this years BAFTA awards and has had a fantastic awards run including British Independent Film Award (BIFA) wins for Best Supporting Actress, Best Screenplay and Best Debut Director, and was a critical hit on it's theatrical release. 

The film is released to UK DVD and VOD Jan 23rd from Signature Entertainment.

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