Thursday, 12 January 2017

I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER - Special Features announced

Spirit Entertainment will be releasing director Billy O'Brien's "I Am Not a Serial Killer" to UK BD and DVD this February and have just released details of the special features included on this release.

A dazzlingly original, darkly funny and disturbing gem with a genre-bending twist, about a small town teenager in the US, obsessed with serial killers, who unwittingly discovers the identity of the killer who has been slaughtering residents for body parts.

Featuring a star-making lead performance from 17-year-old Max Records, and an extraordinary turn from Back To The Future’s legendary Christopher Lloyd, I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER is the most sheerly entertaining and audaciously offbeat offering since Donnie Darko hit cinema screens.

A big hit when it premiered at the South By Southwest Film Festival in March, nominated for 3 British Independent Film Awards, and was a must-see film at the prestigious BFI London Film Festival, it proves that left field indie cinema is alive and kicking, even if the Clayton County killer’s victims aren’t.

Special features include...

- 2011 Test Film - featuring 13-year-old Max Records 
- Test Film / Finished Film scene comparison
- Monster Shoot Featuretter (BLU-RAY EXCLUSIVE) 
- Deleted Scenes
- Story Boards and Behind the Scenes Photos

"I Am Not a Serial Killer" is released to UK BD and DVD 20th Feb.

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