Monday, 30 January 2017

Face of 4 (short film) - A Review

Film maker and photographer Alexander Azzi recently got in touch to tell us about his short film “Face of 4”, which is currently being submitted to the festival circuit and I was asked to give it the once over.

A man wakes up to find himself chained to a chair in a dark, empty room. On the desk in front of him is a box containing several dice and a cryptic note, warning of dire consequences of what will happen if he rolls a 4.

Unfortunately, as his only means of escape is by rolling the dice and hoping they all avoid the 4, he faces an agonising decision and it seems it’s not just his life he’s gambling with…

Rather reminiscent of the “Saw” films (well, the first one anyway), the film relys heavily on atmosphere and tension, rather than gore, to set the tone and is fairly effective in keeping the viewer on edge. Clocking in at just over 14mins, it isn’t overly long, though whether you’ll enjoy this will depend on your love of psychological dramas.

For more info visit the film's Facebook page.  

The film is currently being submitted to the festival circuit, view the trailer on YouTube below...

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