Wednesday, 18 January 2017

DEATH WALKS - Available Digitally NOW!!!!

The worlds first genuinely ZERO budget zombie film "Death Walks" has been released digitally, to rent or buy, on Vimeo and Amazon, with more VOD services to follow.

For those who have missed my previous announcements on this title, the film was shot in 2013. Made entirely using volunteers and was filmed, edited and scored without spending a single penny on production.

Plot summary from the press release... As a London suburb prepares for Christmas, a shopping centre receives an unexpected visit. What begins as a series of isolated incidents quickly turns into a full scale invasion. Have the undead risen from the grave or is it something far more sinister?

Cannibal Holocaust's Francesca Ciardi appears, along with Lucinda Rhodes (Dead Cert, Fall of the Essex Boys) and Jordan Grehs (Lake Placid 3).

You can read my review of the film HERE

A burn-on-demand DVD, with exclusive special features, will be released on, but right now the place to see it is on Vimeo and Amazon VOD services. If you are an Amazon Prime customer, you can view it for free. 

Rent or buy on Vimeo

Rent or buy on

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